Measurement Form


Competition suit(s) are made according to the measurements given by the client, outlined in the measurement form below.

When preparing for a competition, clients experience extreme weight loss, depletion and a wide range of physical changes.  KHP Designs cannot guarantee your custom suit will fit you.

Getting A Perfect Fit

To avoid issues with body measurements, please keep KHP Designs up to date with your progress and complete the form below every 2 weeks which includes submitting front, back and side pictures, preferably in a bikini. This will help us to ensure a perfect fit for your suit.

Upon receiving your competition suit, try it on immediately to ensure proper fit.

Measurement Form

Measurement of breast length from top to bottom.

Measurement of widest part of your breast (at the nipple line). Measure from where the cleavage starts in between the breasts, across to the other side, almost to the armpit.

Measurement of around your chest, underneath the breast where your bra would sit.

Length of front, from inseam up towards pubic bone approximately 2 finger widths above the pubic bone.

Measurement of back from inseam up towards top of butt approximately 2 finger widths above the butt crack.

Take measurement on an angle from inseam to hop of hip.

Take measuring tape around your body, two or three fingers below your belly button.

Attach front, back and side progress pictures. Preferably in a bikini.