Collaborative Design

For over 20 years, KHP Designs has been handcrafting custom bikini, fitness, physique and bodybuilding competition suits. Our collaborative design process ensures that we create a competition suit that is tailored to fit your specific needs, meets federation standards and reflects your personal style and preference.


Our services do not end with collaborative design. We help you through all the final phases of your competition preparation. KHP Designs is happy to consult on everything from outfits to tanning supplies, shoes and jewellery.


Our customer service goes far beyond the purchase of your suit.

As owner and creative designer of KHP Designs, I attend many competitions throughout the year. I am there as more than just a spectator. I am there as a support system for my athletes. I ensure that your suits are on properly before you step out on stage.

Competition Preparation Workshops

Are you running a workshop?

Do you need a designer with years of experience to speak about the ins and outs of competition suits as part of contest preparation?

As owner and creative designer of KHP Designs, I attend many workshops and advise trainers as well as first time and experienced competitors about the suit selection process.

Please contact KHP Designs to check availability or schedule an upcoming workshop.


Are you a first time or experienced competitor looking for a suit for an upcoming competition?

Complete our Order Form or Contact KHP Designs if you have questions regarding a custom competition suit!