Justine Munro, IFBB Bikini Pro



Angela Hauck

With over a decade of experience in the industry, this woman produces some of the best handcrafted custom, tailored competition suits. KHP Designs offers a wide variety of fabrics and uses Swarovski crystals to create a high-quality product that you are proud to wear on stage.

Read more about her Bikini Reveal from her blog Diary of a Fitness Model.

Fiona Lambie

The suit I got from KHP Designs fit me perfectly and complimented me with the sizing. I had my suit made super close to the show and picked it up only the day before, so I had two different suits made for me.

The one I wanted to leave with was a little too tight and had different connectors than the second suit. I left with the choice that Karen thought was best and it definitely was the better option! The connectors suited my body a lot better, the fit was perfect and the colour looked better on stage!

I wouldn’t compare it to some suits I see because KHP makes the suit how you imagine it and to actually fit and hug your body, you won’t need bikini bite for this!

Cindy Van Empel Popowich, CBBF

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for the athletes you service, and for that matter, for those you’ve helped at shows who weren’t even your clients.

In all the years I’ve known you and all the shows I have worked, Emceed or competed at, there has never been one that hasn’t had a competitor who required assistance with a suit for one reason or another and without fail you jump into action.

You are a great asset backstage and your creations are by far the best in quality of craftsmanship and originality.

Jennifer Kaye, IFBB Pro

If you want an epic suit for your competition contact Karen Phillips from KHP Designs! Her suits are not only gorgeous, reasonable and high qualify but she has a heart of gold and will do whatever she can to make you look and feel outstanding! Thank you Karen for all your hardwork and love you’d given over the years to make us shine:) xoxo

Emilee Farmer

I would just like to send out a HUGE big THANK YOU, to my two amazing sponsors!
BIG THANK YOU goes to the talented Karen Phillips from KHP Designs! My suit was absolutely beautiful (even got compliments after the show about it).

Crystal Kenny

So blessed and proud to represent KHP these last few shows, looking forward to rocking the stage at Provincials!! Thank you Karen Phillips for being you!! Xo