Compliment your physique in one of a kind, Canadian made competition suits that you will be proud to wear on stage. 


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About KHP Designs

Competition Suits

For over 20 years, as owner and creative designer of KHP Designs, I have personally handcrafted hundreds of competition suits, which  include:   

  • Figure, Bikini and Fitness Competition Suits
  • Women’s and Men's Physique
  • Bodybuilding
  • Swimwear and Sportswear

Custom Quality

No two competition suits are the same.

KHP Designs offers a wide variety of fabrics, decorative crystal connectors and authentic swarovski crystals  to create a custom suit that you will feel comfortable & proud to  wear on stage. With our help to choose a colour and cut for your skin  tone and proportions, you can be assured that you will walk away with a  winning product!


KHP Designs has helped clients all over Canada, the United States and  Europe from beginner to veteran.   IFBB Pros athletes such as Canada’s IFBB  Pro Justine Munro and IFBB Pro Mindi O'Brien. 

KHP Designs caters to all athletes in all  federations and creates each suit to not only meet the competitors physical needs, but also the regulatory specifications of each  individual federation and category.

Figure / Physique Custom Suit 
This suit can be done in almost any colour.

Figure / Physique Custom Suit This suit can be done in almost any colour.


I will work one on one with you to make your KHP Designs custom suit is what you envisioned.

KHP Designs is a one stop shop.  From head to toe we have you covered.

Competition suits, jewellery, back stage robes, and workout jackets.

What are your ideas?

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Practise Poising Suits

Selling both figure, physique and bikini posing suits.

Order early don't wait. 

Common Mistakes

Trying to save money by purchasing a used, borrowed or cheap suit will end up costing you in the long run.  I get a lot of distraught ladies calling days before their show "I just got my suit and it doesn't fit, can you help me."

Your bottoms have to be the right cut and have the perfect curvature for your glutes.  The wrong cut on you can make your glutes look flat, or too small. 

When it comes to jewellery less is more.  Do not overdue it.  KHP Designs has a selection of good quality stage jewellery.   

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